26th & 27th January , 2019
Timings : 10am to 5 pm

6 systems, fully disclosed

# All 6 strategies as systems providing entry,SL, exit and money management rules
# Scans to identify potential breakout candidates for the next day
# Codes shared for Metastock/Amibroker
#2 real-time, 2 breakout and 2 positional swing systems

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EMP-Explosive Move Predictor

A setup which works of end_of_day data to provide trades the next trading session. It gives a specific rate for entry to buy/sell, SL and a very specific target. The target is either achieved on an intraday basis or the trade needs to he held for one day overnight. The next day either target is achieved or we exit at close if SL is not hit                         



This is a pattern modeled on EMP but provides swing trades of 1-5 days. Has a great success ratio if traded on BankNifty futures. Trades can easily be done on options also


HPRP - High Probability Reversal Pattern

You will learn how to pick trend reversals with pin point accuracy so you are always in at the beginning of the trend and not the end.  
* Find perfect trades with high probability ratios.
* Learn to evaluate risk and profit potential on a trade.
* Learn the logic behind trends and why the market behaves the way it does.  

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to anticipate trend reversals, setup for them and be in the trade before the new trend starts. This is a very powerful skill and the only one which will help you to pick tops and bottoms that every trader needs to know.



# Before every BankNifty weekly expiry, the model identifies whether there is a chance of a big move in that particular expiry day. This is identified by the excel sheet/code I am going to share.
# On the morning of the expiry, it provides two levels for buying calls or buying puts
# Depending upon the time at which the trade is triggered, it tells you which strike to buy and where to exit
# Can be traded with minimum capital. I
will explain a money management method which is an important part of this trading model. That model will tell you how much to risk per trade depending upon your capital and how to manage that risk in live trading



A new scalping system to trade any instrument. Provides low risk entries with precise stops and exit. Highly suitable for volatile counters which move throughout the day. In stocks it would be something like PC Jewellers , in commodities something like Crude. All my trades on PC Jewellers posted on social media is through this system.


SOTM- State of the markets

A market analysis model which runs on end of day data. Provides precise identification of short term, intermediate term and long term trends. Then provides low risk entries in the direction of the trend as continuation trades.

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